Thursday, June 26, 2014

Making New Friends

When you make new friends you should always greet them and say your name, but if you are shy like me or embarrassed also like me you should just say ''Hi!"

Making new friends is hard but it's ok. It's ok if you are shy or embarrassed because I felt that way too many millions and millions of times before.

Once you say something to someone like your name it will feel great that you got that out of you. So be happy and be friendly!

Sunday, March 23, 2014


Today I am going to tell why exercise is good and not so good for your body. First the good things about exercise. It is good to exercise, so it will help you get healthy and strong. It will also help you to get stronger and faster. Playing a sport is also a great way to exercise. The bad thing is that if you do too much exercising then you could get your ankle sprung or your stomach hurting real bad. You would also get weak and tired and not a lot stronger or faster. The last thing to worry about is that you should also be on the side walk, so you won't be run over by a car. The one last thing I need to tell you is that you should get enough food and exercise for you to get wealthy and healthy to be smart!!!!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Trying Your Best

Hello everybody! I am so sorry for not writting back because I haven't gotten a new inspiration, but now I do and its about trying your best. When  you are doing a test or doing your work when like a teacher or boss has to check it and you want to get a good grade, you don't have to rush because you will get a bad grade. But when you don't rush you might get it right. I experience it before because since I'm in school I've been rushing, but when the teachers told me that you need to slow down and try your best. After they told me that, I felt like it was ok to slow down and not rush.